Lotta Stöver is an emerging artist and designer in the fields of media, technologies and research. Her works are driven by a deep interest in the intersections and interdependencies of phenomena and matters aligning, disobeying, transforming, and mutating along with (new) technologies. She works in various media as installations, electronics, and publications. She is a founding member and co-editor of the ongoing technofeminist publication series href zine.

Since 2019, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Media at the University of the Arts Bremen (Germany), where she is currently based and continues her Master studies.

Awards and Recognition


Masters of the Future
Expressive Residue
Group Exhibition at Galerie Kramer
04.09 - 23.10.2021
Bremen, Germany

Online Graduation Exhibition
Curated by Jan Charzinski and Life is_ Collective
03.07.2020 - 24.07.2020
Bremen, Germany

destination unknown
href zine - xyber*feminism issue
Exhibition at Untere Rathaushalle Zentrum
Curated by Laura Baumann, Sven Rose
03.07. - 18.08.2019
Bremen, Germany

Blooming Festival 2019
Mutiertes L-System
Festival di arti numeriche e culture digitali
Curated by Federica Patti, Quiet Ensemble
Pergola PU, Italy

A Manifesto for Technoid Landscapes
Contribution to the performance of the Temporary Spaces collective
during OUTNOW! Internationales Performing Arts Festival
Bremen, Germany

Wired Narratives
Mutiertes L-System
Exhibition at Galerie Kramer
23.03. - 12.05.2019
Bremen, Germany

ALife Art Award
Mutiertes L-System
Conference held on artificial life forms
22.07. - 27.07.2018.
Tokyo, Japan

5000 Zimmer Festival
Exhibition at former city hospital
27.07. - 29.07.2018
Munich, Germany

Transparent Festival
Mutiertes L-System
Exhibition at Lovelace Hotel
Curated by Kalonoma
Munich, Germany

Writing and Publications

href zine - Technoid Natures issue
Zine publication
Published independently

A Multiplicities Glossary
Article. Written on the occasion of "designated visions" open call
Published on INTER- Blog

(De-)Formalizing Plant Processes as Grammatical Rulesets
Article. In: The Liminial Voice - ​Issue.1 Fledging
Published by Nana Sawada and Elliott Haigh

Technoid Landscapes
Manifesto. In: Reading & Writing. 25 Manifestos
Edited by Andrea Sick. Published by MaroVerlag

Glossary of a Manifesto for Technoid Landscapes
Read as based on Ultrasound Techniques
Component for The Dynamic Archive

Physically Implementing a Network
Or How to Materialize Digital Research in a Zine
Component for The Dynamic Archive

href zine - xyber*feminism issue
Zine publication
Published independently