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href zine - xyber*feminism issue

This techno-feminist issue of the href zine compiles diverse personal and artistic perspectives on techno-feminisms, technologically performed genders and an unjust nature.

The internet is being explored as cyborgs' habitat and traces of the cyberfeminist utopias are being researched. How do the internet and the techno-feminisms influence each other and how are these being manifested again today?

This issue curates various approaches to feminist research and art practices and includes as well its own xyber*feminist manifesto.

With contributions by Olivia Duke, Rachel Denti, Samantha Harvey, Jayson Edward Carter, Lotte Agger, Sofia Crespo, Anisha Jay, Aetheric Heart, Nikoloz Kapanadze, Digital Ruins

Co-edited with Nathalie Gebert

Project page: href zine - xyber*feminism issue



destination unknown
Exhibition at Untere Rathaushalle
Curated by Laura Baumann, Sven Rose
03.07. - 18.08.2019
Bremen, Germany

Hochschultage 2019
Exhibition at University of the Arts
09.02. - 10.02.2019
Bremen, Germany

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Cyberfeminism Index
Archived by Mindy Seu

Limited Edition: Die Zeitbombe tickt noch
Published in taz newspaper
Written by Jan-Paul Koopmann

The Neural Archive
Archived by Cristina Piga, Chiara Ciociola and Alessandro Ludovico

Grrrls Zine Library
Archived by Lu Williams

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Conceptual support by Prof. Asli Serbest and Prof. Dr. Andrea Sick
Project developed at the Digital Media Bremen program


Donna Haraway: A Cyborg Manifesto, 1985
Laboria Kubonics: Xenofeminism. A Politics for Alienation, 2015
Armen Avanessian, Helen Hester: dea ex machina, 2015