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Strange Recombinations

Media Installation with 6 - 14 television screens

When two seemingly disparate elements are imaginatively poised, put in apposition in new and unique ways, startling discoveries often result.

- Marshall McLuhan in The Medium is the Massage

Deriving from biological contexts the term 'recombination' describes the restructuring of genetic materials, that usually happens between two organisms who exchange their genetic materials in reproductive interactions. Today it is a widely-taken perspective that the diversities of populations are mainly driven by these processes of recombination and mutation.

Within this work I adopt this process of recombining in a more figurative sense. In a 3D modelling software living planet different simulation methods are being applied to the models of idealized human bodies, to subvert these normative meshes into practically unpredictable visual outcomes.

Functioning as a tool for deconstructing the materials of the established 3D body imagery, the applied simulation methods are melting their meshes into landscapes, obscure geometric figures, dripping explosions and other.

6-14 TV screens are being used to display the recombinations in a physical exhibition.



  • Simulacrum
    Exhibition at University of the Arts
    13.05. - 15.05.2016
    Bremen, Germany
  • Hochschultage 2017
    Exhibition at University of the Arts
    11.02. - 12.02.2017
    Bremen, Germany
  • Polyester Klub Oldenburg
    Oldenburg, Germany

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